ORION Water Solutions is composed of a group of industry proven water treatment engineers, automation experts, field operators, and technicians who have treated over 1 billion gallons of different and challenging wastewater for its customers in the last 5 years. We provide water treatment solutions for companies in the oil and gas, pipeline, construction, and paper industries. ORION provides economic solutions that enables its customers to transform contaminated water into useful water, saving time, money and fresh water resources in the process.


ORION and its partners provide end-to-end solutions, including water storage, transfer, treatment, chemical analysis and compatibility services, as well as waste fluid management.


ORION uses best-in-class proven technologies integrated into its modular and mobile treatment units to provide innovative solutions to customer driven challenges. ORIONS systems are controlled using a proprietary operating system to provide flexibility and responsiveness to continuously changing wastewater conditions and desired output streams.


Our projects include disinfection, clarification, desalination and dewatering, producing bacteria-free fresh and produced water, clean brine and superior drinking water.


At ORION Water Solutions, there is nothing we consider more important than safety. It is our policy to provide and sustain safe working conditions and to follow operating practices which will safeguard our employees, subcontractors, customers, and the environment. In addition to complying with all government regulations pertaining to safety and health issues, the HSE program is assessed annually using the company's Safe Workplace Management process, a collaborative approach to guide continual improvement to achieve the highest standards of safety for our employees, sub-contractors, and customers.

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