ORION is proud to partner with best-in-class service providers to the oil and gas, refinery, chemical, and food processing industries.


Rain for Rent

Rain for Rent is a leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions, including pumps, tanks, filtration, and spill containment. Projects range from flood relief to construction site dewatering, sewer bypasses, and industrial plant turnarounds. The company is known for its systems engineering expertise and its ability to tackle complex jobs cost effectively, providing an exceptionally high value. Family owned and operated since 1934, it serves all 50 US states, Canada, and the UK from more than 65 locations. Rain for Rent and ORION Water Solutions give customers an integrated water treatment, transfer, and storage solution, simplifying the process of establishing both the infrastructure and technology needed to economically treat large volumes of water. For more information, click here to visit Rain for Rent's website.

Dow Water & Process Solutions

PrintDow Water & Process Solutions offers a portfolio of water technologies to address the unique water resource management needs of the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry. DOW Ultrafiltration™ modules and skids, DOW FILMTEC™ Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Nanofiltration (NF) membranes, DOWEX™ Ion Exchange (IX) resins, OPTIPORE™ polymeric adsorbents, and TEQUATIC PLUS™ fine particle filter modules enable complete or tailored removal of ionic, organic, and particulate contaminants from source waters for injection or produced waters for discharge. Dow provides components that enable ORION Water Solution's treatment systems to achieve the highest performance at the lowest possible cost, removing difficult contaminants such as iron, suspended solids, hardness, sulfates, arsenic, and boron. For more information, click here to visit Dow's website.

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