ORION provides proven water treatment services, allowing operators to focus on oil and gas production instead of the complexities of water treatment.

Why are our water treatment services important? Shale oil and gas exploration and production requires increasing amounts of water as multi-well pads, longer laterals, tighter spacing, and larger proppant loading all work to drive dramatic increases in both well productivity and cost efficiency. Rising well counts and larger fracs also mean more water requirements to deal with, often in areas where disposal infrastructure is lacking, leading to high produced water disposal costs. Leading operators are incorporating ORION's rapidly mobile produced water treatment systems to follow the frac crews and turn waste water into usable fluids for future drilling and completion work.

Fresh and Produced Water Disinfection

ORION's mobile chlorine dioxide units provide a powerful biocide for managing SRB's and APB's that is more cost-effective than conventional glut/quat combinations. ORION Water Solution's services include frac-on-the-fly, pond clean-up, sour well flushing, and frac chemistry compatibility testing.

Produced Water Clarification

Mobile produced water treatment systems enable oil and gas producers to maximize use of produced water for drilling and completions, reducing waste water cost and disposal logistics issues while preserving fresh water resources. ORION systems address oil and grease, iron, suspended solids, and other contaminants as needed to meet our customer's drilling and completions fluid specifications at the lowest possible cost.

Brine for Work Over Fluid

Oil and gas producers have used millions of barrels of ORION-brine™ as work-over fluid, reducing the cost and complexity of their work-over operations. ORION-brine™ is made by clarifying local produced water; concentrating the naturally occurring salts; and adding oxygen scavengers, H2S scavengers, and corrosion inhibitors to meet customer specifications. Since ORION-brine™ is made where it is needed by ORION's treatment experts, it reduces the cost and complexity of hauling brine over long distances and reduces well issues caused by chemical dosage errors in the field.